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AYSO Region 158 Uniform Policy

What You Are Provided:
Jerseys, Shorts and sock are provided with your registration. It is the responsibility of the parents to hold onto these items for the duration of the fall/spring season. If you misplace your jersey a new one can be ordered at an additional cost.

What You Still Need:
You are responsible for your own shin guards. AYSO requires the use of shin guards at all practices and games. You are also responsible for one appropriately sized soccer ball. Playground/Schoolyard, 6U and 8U players will need a size 3, 10U and 12U will need size 4. Everyone 14U and above will use a size 5. You may also choose to acquire soccer shoes or additional soccer socks for practice or games. Shoes may not have metal cleats, and may not have a protruding toe cleat.

Dress Code:
Players participating at practice or games are required to wear shin guards. These shin guards must be completely covered, by a pair of soccer socks. Alternatively, if no soccer socks are available, a pair of long sweats may be worn. Players participating in games will be required to wear their jersey. In the event of cold or inclement weather, the jersey must be the outermost layer (worn over the top of any sweat shirts or jackets, not underneath and hidden). Players participating in practice are not required to wear their jersey. They may not wear obscene or inappropriate clothing.

In the event of cold or wet weather, you should dress in layers. Players will get hot as they play, and similarly will get chilled before and especially after the game. A player will be much more comfortable with a t-shirt and perhaps a sweatshirt or hoodie on under their jersey, and a heavy coat over their jersey which can be removed during playing time. Don’t forget a hat and gloves. More often than not this is what helps the most.

In the event of extreme heat, please be aware of your hydration. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real and dangerous concerns.

Jewelry and Casts:
Players participating in either practices or games may not under any circumstances wear jewelry. There will be no exceptions to this. Ear Rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pins, hair clips, and hard hair bands will not be allowed. Soft hair bands or scruchies are fine, as are head sweat bands. Wrist Sweat bands are not allowed. Players may not participate if they are in a hard cast, regardless of what body part has been immobilized. Players may wear soft braces or removable soft casts, as long as they are covered in some fashion (long sleeves, long pants, or a sports wrap). 

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